twentyten | good ideas and making them happen
We are the company solely engaging in projects with a humanitarian aspect. With business development and marketing expertise we help bringing Good Ideas to the market faster.
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What we’re all


Sometimes it only takes a “Let’s do it” and your inner voice loudly calls on you to act, shape your own future and turn your idea into reality!


For us, Karin and Christian, that moment came when we decided to put our thoughts and actions into something that mattered and could make a difference in someone else’s life. That’s how Twentyten – good ideas and making them happen, came about!


After working together for more than five years helping companies grow we’d become an efficient duo that didn’t only deliver value to our clients but also enjoyed working together.

Over the years we discovered a common passion, we are both suckers for a good story, the kind that speaks straight to your heart and instantly ignites your thoughts. You could say that we became victims of the stories we told. Working with initiatives with a humanitarian aspect and telling important stories, we became a part of something greater and realized that our work actually contributed to the success of a good cause. From then on there was simply no turning back.


Our mission became clear. We wanted to give the Good Idea full attention and together with our clients enjoy the award of making a difference in life, every day.


Twentyten – a good idea that we made happen.


years of experience


when we started working together


daily intake of coffee

Past endeavours


We all experience crossroads in our journey through life. Perhaps we didn’t know it there and then, but when looking back it is clear to us that these are some of the moments that brought us to where we are and what we do today.


Make Your Baby Proud

A campaign to raise awareness and educate the masses on the importance of donating umbilical cord blood. With every newborn child there is a chance to save another ones life and that's the story we wanted to tell. Though the campaign is no longer active, the material is still being used worldwide. Looking back, it’s easy to see that this work created the embryo of what 5 years later became twentyten!

An ordinary day

Innovationsplatsen at Karolinska Institutet is a melting pot of extraordinary people and great ideas that challenge rigid structures and traditional ways of working. Raising the awareness of the importance of everyone’s contribution in the project gave them the decisiveness needed to continue working towards the vision - Enabling a more humane care for everyone.