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We are the company solely engaging in projects with a humanitarian aspect. With business development and marketing expertise we help bringing Good Ideas to the market faster.
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We are on


Our careers have been filled with great ideas, some better off left on the napkin in the coffee shop, others however, a real shame they never got a chance to make a difference.


We won’t cure any diseases or develop technologies for renewable energy, but we can contribute with our business development and marketing expertise to bring Good Ideas to the market faster!

What is


The Good Idea is an initiative that will have a positive impact on humanity. The ideas and clients vary, but all have one thing in common, the determination to contribute in developing a more equal, sustainable and humane world.


Our clients offer products and services that improve one or more elements of the ecosystem for humanity.


Twentyten is solely engaging in projects with a humanitarian aspect.


Endorsing equal rights and access to modern healthcare.


Embracing diversity as a source of strength and growth.


Actively fight climate change for future generations.

What we are


We engage in initiatives covering all aspects of the ecosystem for humanity.


Inspiring work with Swedish entrepreneur and philanthropist

Together with Joakim Fohlman, serial entrepreneur since 1999 and founder of Cubimo and Tryggare Sverige, we have initiated a joint venture to screen and explore opportunities to redefine charity and social engagement on local and global scale.

Increase availability of and access to modern treatments

Our clients’ ambition is to redefine the market space in regards to time from drug development to treatment of patients, our part is driving the program, conceptualizing and articulating the idea.

Bringing relief to people in need

Our newly found friends at ProCamp deliver rescue and relief services to areas impacted by natural disaster or war. Their latest assignment was during the catastrophe in Nepal. Our task is to make their unique products and services available to more people in need of shelter, clean water and medical treatment.

First-Aid for traumatic stress victims

Millions of people suffer from post traumatic stress as a reaction to experiencing crisis situations. The non-profit organization Peaceful Heart Network works actively to help people help them selves and others with a simple first aid relief technique that can be taught to and applied by anyone. We are happy to support their cause by providing our competence to create a greater reach and impact.

Enabling cell therapies for a more humane care

We are, and have been, heavily involved in developing the BioLamina brand. The company has more than tripled sales during our engagement and the success is tribute to a great product, solid brand platform, strong sales and marketing team backed up with digital channels that nurture leads and engage customers and distributors.

Caring for planet Earth while having fun

We helped the friends of the Beach Party Agenda to get the message from the climate meetings out to young people all over the world. The ambition is to inspire a dialogue, create engagement and by this support our leaders in reaching the climate goals.

The secret to


Cultivating a Good Idea is about addressing challenges and opportunities from a holistic and detailed perspective. With our marketing and business development expertise we make things happen.

Let’s find out what we can accomplish together!


We can work


A Good Idea deserves the same chance to succeed no matter if it originates from a large corporation, a startup or a charity organization.


We believe in sharing success and overcoming obstacles together, that’s why we can provide our dedication and expertise in a success based business model.


Let’s talk!

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